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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > What can I do if my WS is bigger than 500K?    

What can I do if my WS is bigger than 500K?


What can I do if my WS is bigger than 500K?
Hi folks!
I really hope that īs the right place to get an answer, if it īs not, forgive me.
I have a Ws that I really would like to share, but it īs almost 700K.
I used some pictures and I want to know if there is a way to reduce the size of the document or if I can divide it into 2 WS.

Thank you all!

3 Oct 2013      



I know you can replace your images for smaller ones or use a software to make them smaller...but I don īt know how to do it...maybe someone can help you...usually I change the images for smaller ones and it works..

good luck

3 Oct 2013     


Maybe you can have a look here

3 Oct 2013     


I produced this about 5 years ago and even though Paint in Windows has changed, the general instructions still stand. You can reduce the size of your pictures considerably.  This can be downloaded without any loss of points http://www.eslprintables.com/teaching_resources/other_worksheets/Tutorial_How_to_reduce_size__107849/#thetop


3 Oct 2013     


Thank you all for being so kind! Big smile 

Have a nice week :) 

8 Oct 2013