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ESL forum > Teaching material > present simple reading on sloths, for free....    

present simple reading on sloths, for free....


present simple reading on sloths, for free....
Dear all,
Yesterday I posted that there were some mistakes in my worksheet on sloths.
I tried to update the sheet with a corrected version but for some reason it didn �t work. (I tried twice and everytime I received a pm stating something went wrong.)
I don �t want to try again today since I don �t want anyone thinking I am fishing for points☺
I decided to delete the worksheet  because it only shows a grey square...
If you downloaded the file with the mistakes (or if you are interested in a present simple reading) you can download it from wikishare for free (no points needed☺)
Hope it is useful for someone, love, Marion

6 Nov 2013      

Russian Federation

Thanks a lot, dear MarionG for sharing your useful ws! Have a nice day!

6 Nov 2013     


Nice WS about an original animal. Thanks for sharing,

6 Nov 2013     


thanks Marion for sharing this free ws ! it �s a really cute animal !!!

6 Nov 2013     

Olindalima ( F )

Thanks Marion, I love sloths ( these ones lol, in Portuguese we call them " lazy "  ).
And here are my points for you Wink


Thanks for sharing


6 Nov 2013     

United States

In English, too, Linda. "Sloth" means "laziness".

6 Nov 2013     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Bruce

Thanks, I knew, I wanted to show that we ALSO call them the same, but didn �t manage to write it clearly,lol, I �m turning old and absent minded. The Portuguese word is " pregui�a", exactly how I have been feeling these last times. Dead

Linda Hug

6 Nov 2013     


In Spanish too. We call them "Perezosos" that mean "lazy". Mar�a Luisa

6 Nov 2013     

United Kingdom

Marion! I am awarding you a gold star Clap for creating an interesting ws on sloths! We had a joke about them a couple of months ago with a new member on here (who had no points) and was being really facetious. I can �t remember the member �s name or what the joke was about - just that it was about sloths, but I had a good laugh when I saw this!!LOL

6 Nov 2013     


yes, sloths are incredibly funny. I had a lot of fun creating the sheet. I of course read a lot more info than what ended up in the text. Did you know that their babies hold on to their mom �s fur but if they fall off, the mom usually doesn �t go down to get them? Sometimes they mistake their own arm for a tree branch and they fall down!
My students of course loved the part about their top speed (which we demonstrated in class) and the bit about pooping only once a week.
I showed them some funny videos (loads of them on youtube) and we had a really good time!

6 Nov 2013     


Thank you Marion!
I enjoyed it and I �m sure my students will like it, too!

6 Nov 2013     

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