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Differentiated instruction


Differentiated instruction
I am teaching multi-level classes where Ss can �t do the same activities because there is a gap between their levels . Some of them are �quite motivated however others are "know- nothing Ss". They don �t even know the alphabet. The problem here is that I have to find a suitable way to teach them and achieve the same objectives set beforehand. Some colleagues suggested using differentiated instruction which proved successful to a certain extent. This method or whatever it is called requires too much effort from the teacher. We tried to find some lessons based on differentiation in the net but in vain. It seems nobody knows but writing lengthy articles or vocalizing theoretical pieces of advice.�
I am aware that in this site there are �many experienced teachers who can give a hand by sending any lessons or websites in which we can find ready materials suitable for teaching �multilevel classes. Thank you in advance. My regards

8 Nov 2013      


In my opinion it is possible in theory to successfully teach this type of group but in practise you can only really manage to have good results if you have a magic wand!

Good luck!

8 Nov 2013     


No way!
My pupils are also multi-level, although they are supposed to have reached a similar proficiency level during the 5/6 years they were taught English.
To make things worse, they are all to be evaluated on the same ground.

8 Nov 2013     


Differention is key!  I have a third grade class with only 3 students and I have to prepare different materials for each student.  They just can �t work together.
I think ESL Printables offers a lot in this regard.  You can find worksheets on the same topic for many different levels, abilities and intelligences.  It is hard work but it is a worthy goal.  Start with short term goals (divide the class in half) and then work to smaller and smaller groups.  Reading with small groups while others do tasks was they way I started.
I have been to workshops on differentiation where they suggested at least 3 different WS on the same topic each aimed at the same learning goal but with different language levels to do so.  Sounds simple but I found that producing 3 WS on each topic impossible to do considering time constraints.  It was also recommended to use Comic  Sans for students with reading problems.
It �s good that you care.  Keep trying!

8 Nov 2013     


 Thank you all Hug  I will take your advice into consideration. I hope you help me find some teaching materials online.

9 Nov 2013