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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Free WhiteBoard/Whyteboard Windows program    

Free WhiteBoard/Whyteboard Windows program

United States

Free WhiteBoard/Whyteboard Windows program
You can use the program as you like.  It is free as all of the programs found on my website are free.  If ESL were set up to upload Windows programs, I would gladly contribute but it isn �t.    It is viewable on Windows at 1024 by 768 time four across.  You can do a print screen and save it to a file (works perfectly with PowerPoint at 1024 by 768).  If you like it, please email me as I spent a lot of time on it and need the brownie points to continue on with free programs.  No, I am not advertizing my work found on ESL printables, as ESL doesn �t support Windows program.  I am giving it away.  Try it out and let me know. 
If you thank that only teachers are downloading your work, you had better thank twice! I did and give away my android programs to the kids at school because I know they like them.  Oh, I should upload my uncompleted Angry Students on my website (it doesn �t function fully but it is fun).  Because it has Pencil boxes and other things with copyrighted material I cannot sell it so I put it in the draw for safe keeping.

23 Nov 2013