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Gifted students


Gifted students
Hi dearest...........
Im really in a trouble .  I have a class of Gifted students . They are 16 yr. Really, I donot know what to teach them .I donot have ideas. could you recommend some thing , please?We have to teach them additional information. Iam in abad need for your help

25 Nov 2013      

United States

The first thing I would do is ask them what they �d be most interested in learning, and go from there. Since they �re intelligent, they are likely to have a lot of good ideas, many of which you �d never come up with yourself. Even if you limit them to academic topics, you might be surprised at what they �re interested in.
It sounds, too, like you aren �t confined to one subject (or that the subject involves English). You could mix things up by concentrating on a different subject each day of the week, such as medicine on Monday, technology on Tuesday, ethics on Wednesday, scientific discoveries on Thursday, and world literature on Friday, for example.
One warning about a class of gifted students: you will need to be prepared to admit that you are wrong and that a student may know more than you do about something. You can, of course, require credible evidence that you are wrong. Good luck with the class, and let us know how it goes!

25 Nov 2013     

Saudi Arabia

What do you mean by gifted students?

25 Nov 2013     


gift�ed  (gftd)
1. Endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent: a gifted child; a gifted pianist.
2. Revealing special talent: a gifted rendition of the aria.

Gifted students are those who are highly intelligent, and capable of doing more difficult work than other students at the same age.  For example a student who is very good at mathematics and can do a university level course while still quite young.

26 Nov 2013     


I think Moody is right, you should go for topics they enjoy and it will surely make a nice conversation class! But how demanding for you! How did you end up with that class?

26 Nov 2013     


Perhaps just getting them to think and express their opinions about interesting topics, rather than thinking about structural or technical aspects of English?
This way, they will be communicating for real, offering their actual opinions, and perhaps more ready to accept your suggestions and corrections?

26 Nov 2013     


One of the challenges with gifted students is some will challenge themselves and make the teacher challenge them, and then others will do just what they have to.  They do well with little effort and feel that is enough.

26 Nov 2013     

Saudi Arabia

 Thanks a lot Apodo.  

26 Nov 2013