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ESL forum > Concerning online exercises > Problem with my last online exercise    

Problem with my last online exercise


Problem with my last online exercise

I uploaded my last online exercise 2 days ago. It was in the new contributions yesterday. It is not in the new contributions anymore today but it is written "exercise pending approval". I don �t understand why. There is nothing wrong with it, I have tested it several times. There is no mistake and I really need to distribute this exercise to my students as I did it specially for them to do as homework. This problem happened before and I had to remove my OE. I don �t want it to happen again as it took me a long time to make it for my students. Do you know what I could do ?

7 Dec 2013      


Hi flo! Are you talking about this one: PERSONALITY AND FREE TIME ACTIVITIES?
It is OK and it is among your printables.It has 2 comments and it is really nice OE.

7 Dec 2013     


Hi Elvira

No that �s not that one. You are right this OE has been approved. The one I �m taking about is what do your parents want you to do and the fact that you didn �t see it although you left a comment on that one too shows that I am right to worry about it. Unhappy
I �m sure it �s going to be refused although there is nothing wrong with it and I will have to do it all again Disapprove

7 Dec 2013     


Your right Florence - there IS a problem.
I did it and it didn �t ask me to rate it so it must have been approved but I can �t see it on your page.
I think you have to contact Victor - there must be a glitch
Fingers crossed for you.

7 Dec 2013     


Thank You Jayo

I sent a mail to Victor yesterday and I �m going to try again today with the new information you gave me. I hope a solution will be found.
Thank you so much for your  help.


8 Dec 2013     


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