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test correction methodology


test correction methodology
good evening! I �m a teacher and I �m asked to prepare a training session on test correction! could you help, please? any kind of help related to the topic would be beneficial ! thank you soo much

12 Dec 2013      

sousou aicha

Good evening,
I suggest that you devide the pupils into groups of 4 and provide them with the test and ask them to redo it in groups, but make sure each group should contain one good pupil. give them about 15 to 20 munites to answer the questions. When the allotted time is over you correct all together. The pupils must justify their answers, so that you know that they understand the rules. I tried this method this term while corecting the comprehensive test. It was good. And this is the method that the inspectors ask us to follow while correcting tests. I �m from Benguerdene. Hope this method could be helpful for you.

12 Dec 2013     

basma zerelli

You can also prepare some remedial work based on the difficulties you noticed the pupils faced in the test.I mean their common mistakes and supply them with wksheets that further explain those points(ex compound adj:practice and rules)
To correct the writing part you can either copy one of the pupils productions and hand it to them and ask them to find the mistakes,identify them(I mean whether they are grammam,punctuation,spellig mistakes etc...)then correct them.
or you can prepare a production yourself ,divide it into gapped paragraph and ask them 2 questions:1- to guess the topic sentence,the supporting details and the concluding sentence
2- to fill in the blanks with the missing linkers(addition,contrast,result...)
I did them both to correct my test and I think this method is helpful.
Good luck 

12 Dec 2013     

lua jzr

I �m with the remedial work. And I totally agree with Mrs Basma. I personally do this while correcting the tests and it �s proven to be quite practical, motivational and beneficial to my pupils.All the best Thumbs Up

12 Dec 2013     


Dear colleague, I can send you some materials about test construction and test correction. This is my e-mail address: [email protected] send me your e-mail.

12 Dec 2013     

mrs kechiche

Dear aymeness; Just don �t forget during one hour you have 3 tasks to acheive .Test correction +remidial+giving back the pupils �s sheets  just be organized with your pupils as far as timing is concernd because yor guests will sharpen their weapons about this step during your lesson.
Also "u" shape is too beneficial in such activities.By no means your groups should be homogenious.wishing you best lack.

12 Dec 2013