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English for kids

United States

English for kids
Hello everybody :)

I know it is normally not allowed to advertise ones own blog. But I know that many teachers are teaching little children and always looking for ideas. So I basically put most of the pictures I took during my classes on a blog for you to get some ideas what you can do with the really little ones. So, I hope you forgive me to post the adress here, I just thought it may be useful: http://bee1english.wordpress.com/


25 Dec 2013      

Mariethe House

You can put a link to your blog and advertize it especially if it is free!Moreover your work is very creative and useful.So a big thank you !

26 Dec 2013     


Is it forbidden to advertise ones own blog if it �s about English teaching?For me it �s the same as if someone gives a link to interesting stuff as we do every day. Giving the link to a blog isn �t the same as advertising a worksheet uploaded here in order to get points. What do our collegues think about this matter?

26 Dec 2013     

United Kingdom

I think it should be allowed, but it would become annoying  if people did it all the time. I wonder whether we could have a list of members who have blogs? Maybe that would be asking too much. 

Your pictures are charming, SaraMariam. 

26 Dec 2013     


First of all,I would like to say thank you! I would love to be able to teach little kids English. Where did you learn all that stuff? Could you give me some hints on where to start and where to get some lesson plans? Thank you so much!
I really appreicate.

26 Dec 2013     


Personally I find it very helping & useful to provide one another with such links whether  personal or someone �s else ones, I �d like to thank you for this nice attractive blog , I �m going to teach body parts &  I �m going to use the song you �re  posting ;))

26 Dec 2013