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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > faster or more fast    

faster or more fast

Hong Kong

faster or more fast
Would you mind telling me which one is correct?  Thanks

The comparative and superlative of ´fast ´:

faster than, the fastest
more fast than, the most fast

30 Dec 2013      

United States

Short answer: faster and fastest.

Long answer: with the exception of the very few irregular adjectives (good, bad, far, many/much, and sometimes old), one-syllable adjectives use -er and -est for the comparative and superlative forms. Adjust spelling in the same way you would for -ed, (e.g., dry/drier/driest, wide/wider/widest, and mad/madder/maddest).
For two-syllable adjectives, use the -er and -est endings if the word ends with e, y, or ow. (Change y to I if there ´s a consonant before the y.)
For other two-syllable adjectives or longer adjectives, use more and most.
For most adverbs, use more or most. For well or badly, use better/best or worse/worst.
I hope this explains everything.

30 Dec 2013     

David Lisgo

She eats fast food faster than me.  

30 Dec 2013