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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > which is correct?    

which is correct?


which is correct?
Hi Everyone!
Happy new year to all of you!
I īve been away for a while and I īm glad to see lots of you!
I was wondering if someone might tell me which of these two expressions is all right.

I īm sure I īve heard many people say "GIVE YOUR BEST" meaning try to always give you best effort. But my collegues told this expression doesn īt exist in English. They say that "DO YOUR BEST" is the correct way of saying it.

Can somebody clarify this matter to me?

Thanks a lot!
Kisses from Argentina

2 Jan 2014      


I think DO YOUR BEST is more common in this case but GIVE YOUR BEST is also okay, especially when using GIVE IT YOUR BEST.  Let īs hear what others have to say.

2 Jan 2014     


Do your best is the most common phrase. 

We also say:

Give it your best shot = do the best you can. 

Give it all you īve got - (especially of physical effort) = put all the effort into it that you can.

2 Jan 2014     

United Kingdom

As Apodo - do your best/give it your best shot/give it all you īve got are the most common expressions. Also, give it a go/have a go, which just means have a try. I think with give your best it would primarily be used in recounts with of, as in, īHe always gave of his best.ī 

3 Jan 2014     

United States

To add a little more, I īd say that "give your best" - without "it" - would only be used in the sense of actually giving something (to charity, for example).

3 Jan 2014     


I appreciate it a lot!!!!!!

3 Jan 2014