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I �m studying some press articles with my students about Malala Youssssafzai.

 In all these press articles it �s always written "the Taleban" (without an "s" at the end) even when it is used as a plural, and one of my pupils asked me why.
I answered him  that I had no idea why there was no "s" when used as a plural.

Does anyone know and could explain to me why?

thank you Smile

23 Jan 2014      

Isabel L

Because it is a plural noun. The singular is talib (or sth like that).

23 Jan 2014     


Good answer Isabel L, I want just to add that Taliban is a word in Arabic and it means only two students. Unlike other languages, in Arabic lgge, a noun can have three forms the singular, the plural (but more than two items can make the plural form of nouns) coze two items of sth are called "MUTHANA" and are not considered plural. Besides, "Taliban" word is a proper noun and must be used as it is in arabic without an "s" coze it �s not plural.
Hope it �s clear.

23 Jan 2014     


though the word Talebn has an Arabic derivation,it �s a word in Pachtu _the Afghan language  it means students of Islamic religion

23 Jan 2014     


Thanks a lot to all of you Smile

My pupil will be as glad as I am when I give him the answer tomorrow  Smile

23 Jan 2014     

United States

You have the answers about the Arabic word, but I think the article was in English, so here is the English answer to your question.
Taliban is a collective noun in English, so it is a singular noun, like family or class.

23 Jan 2014