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Help needed


Help needed


Are there any mistakes, if yes- could you please tell me the rules, thanx a lot!

In my street there is a school next to the church. Opposite the school there is a supermarket. Between a restaurant and a cinema there are two toy shops. Between a library and a station there is a big park.

24 Jan 2014      


I would say: Between the restaurant and the cinema there are two toy shops. You are not taling about just any restaurant and cinema but rather a specific restaurant, THE restaurant next to the toy shops, same for the cineama and also for the sentence after:
Between the library and the station there is a big park.
There are probably lots of expalnations here on the site, also google gives a lot of articles on the subject. Here is one of them;
Hope this helps..

24 Jan 2014     

United States

I would add just one thing to Marion �s excellent answer. Generally, we don �t say  just "a station", but tell what kind of station it is - police station, radio station, bus station, etc.

24 Jan 2014     


tnanx a lot marion and bruce!

25 Jan 2014     


Shouldn �t it be "opposite to the school"?

25 Jan 2014