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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > help with receptieve skills reading and listening    

help with receptieve skills reading and listening


help with receptieve skills reading and listening
you now that teaching listening and reading is not somthing easy; so Ineed someone to tell me how to teach listening and speaking and reading and writing .
I mean what are the steps that I should go through to present a lesson of listening and speaking.

prelistening -  while listening- post listening

please could provide me with books or videos .


28 Jan 2014      


Re Listening:

I generally teach adults at the higher levels.  I would open up with a few discussion questions related to the topic.  Then preteach any vocabulary that might be difficult from the listening, or better yet, elicit vocabulary specific to the topic, mindmapping on the board. 

If there are questions multiple choice, open-ended or true false questions, have the students read through the questions first, so they know what they need to listen to.   Play the audio, then students answer on their own and then compare answers with another student.  There might be some questions that they did not catch, so ask them to listen a second time for the missing information.  Then elicit the answers from the class.  if there is some information that students did not catch, play the listening for the third time, pausing just after the spot where students can catch the information.

The focus of a listening can be skill-based eg) note-taking, listening for gist, specific detail
or related to vocabulary or purely a topic for conversation.

There�s a very good website Randalls ESL cyberlab with different levels and variety of tasks you can use.
For intermediate levels and above Use
Face the Issues, Consider the Issues, Raise the Issues Listening Books (North American English)

28 Jan 2014     


These are some very good books.

Listening  by M. Rost

Reading  by I.S.P. Nation

Hope this helps.

28 Jan 2014