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ESL forum > Teaching material > Helping Prospective EFL Teachers Learn How to Use Songs in Teaching english     

Helping Prospective EFL Teachers Learn How to Use Songs in Teaching english


Helping Prospective EFL Teachers Learn How to Use Songs in Teaching english
hello everybody

 When I use musical material in class for the first time, I always choose the songs I know and love myself. This enables me to be more emotionally persuasive but my students don �t like them ( i mean most of the time) i am in a real dilemma please can you help me in choosing the right songs for my students thak you so much

PS: my students are 15 -17 YEARS OLD

thank you

6 Feb 2014      

Russian Federation

We �ve learnt "What a wonderful world" (L. Armstrong) and "Yesterday" (the Beatles) with my 17 year old students. They liked them both. One of the boys brought his guitar to school, he played and the group sang the song "Yesterday". In the song "What a wonderful world" they needed to fill in the words listening to it, but "Yesterday" we just learnt without any exercises, the only activity was to find and tell some information about the group (the theme of the lesson was "Musical styles")

6 Feb 2014     

Enid Stella
South Africa

This is quite a difficult situation - I spend a huge amount of time doing my song worksheets so I don �t want to expend all that effort on a very popular �current � song as it will be old hat in a week or two. I find that many students are open to �old � songs and I use these and try to find videos or MP3 versions done by more popular artists. I have drawn up a list of songs that you can use for various grammar points/vocab/discussions etc - see http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=404509#thetop
I have not included songs for very young learners as I teach adults so that is where my focus lies. There are various websites that have some great ideas. Here are a few:

7 Feb 2014     


My dear: At the begining of the year I use to ask my student to list ten songs that they really enjoy during their vacations,, or songs that they really love. I take those list and I use them through the year,, they really enjoy and apreciate that I pay attention to their opinion about music :) (I don �t do the worksheets, i just look for them in this webpage or online)

7 Feb 2014