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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching Science if English language is not your L1    

Teaching Science if English language is not your L1


Teaching Science if English language is not your L1
Hi everybody!

Today I �m here to talk about a problem teaching Science in English Language if your L1 is, for example, Spanish (this is my own case). 

The main problem is that students know basic English and have to learn Science as it was their own language. 

I don �t know tips or strategies without using Spanish. For instance, I do flashcards with the vocabulary, but it isn �t enough �cause they have to write complete sentences and answer difficult questions in the exam. 

Any idea? 

Thanks in advance! 


7 Feb 2014      

United States

Hello Anuska. One approach could be to teach it as you would a reading lesson. Build background knowledge, vocabulary and where possible bring in realia.Make them feel comfortable with the vocabulary. I don �t know what grade you teach, but I teach younger students and what I do is I find as many books related to the topic that are just at or below their reading level so that they get many doses of the material. Hope this helps. Ed  

7 Feb 2014     

United Kingdom

This is a huge problem in my school: lots of students who don �t speak, read or write English (and some of them can �t read/write in their own language either!) and have to study the whole curriculum in English. It takes time! I assume you have only Spanish speakers - not any English speakers? We have to differentiate for EAL speakers so that we provide easier work for them with just pictures to match or label and there are also books with simplified science work. There are some simple science picture books online as well I just had a look, about photosynthesis and so on. There are simple �entry level � science exams as well, for example AQA Entry Level Science and we have resources for this I think. Tanja

7 Feb 2014     


Hi, I use this

Good luck.

7 Feb 2014     


 Hi !  you can use this :        


It�s very useful


7 Feb 2014