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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What is the difference???    

What is the difference???

American Teacher
United States

What is the difference???
This year, my boss has changed everyone �s teaching level. I am finding that in the advanced level, (I am used to teaching beginners) I am having a very hard time relearning (ok.,, maybe NEVER learning this at all) parts of speech that goes beyond the basics.. I have spent numerous hours trying to make powerpoints of advanced level grammar, so that I can understand it better, and am able to feel comfortable teaching it to my adults. We are using the second edition of Ventures (I have Ventures 4), in which there are six lessons per unit, and the first four are grammar (UGH!).. so,, that being said.. can anyone explain when to use although verses even though...? 

I am not a big fan of Ventures either.. along with the other eleven teachers.. There really is no explanation of thing, even in the teacher�s edition...

This is my last year teaching ESL,, and boy.. it is the toughest!

Thanks in advance..

9 Feb 2014      


http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/dictionary/althoughUsage note: although / even though / thoughYou can use these words to show contrast between two clauses or two sentences. Though is used more in spoken than in written English. You can use althougheven though and though at the beginning of a sentence or clause that has a verb. Notice where the commas go:Although/Even though/Though everyone played well, we lost the game.  We lost the game, although/even though/though everyone played well.You cannot use even on its own at the beginning of a sentence or clause instead of although,even though or though:Even everyone played well, we lost the game.

9 Feb 2014     

Peter Hardy

Dear American Teacher, it �s my philosophy that you can only be a teacher if you �re willing to learn.  So first, thank your boss for this opportunity.  That will make a difference in your mind, and consequently, this year will be your best ever :-)  Secondly, grammar is the same for kids of all ages.  I usually explain grammar on the go, so to speak.  Next, I �ve been given books that I don �t like at all, too. So I don �t follow the book, but I simply pick what suits me or the topic.  There is a lot of stuff on this site, but mainly for children.  I do use this material for my adult beginners (pictures say more than words) but for my intermediate I take out the pictures.  It makes them think they �re on a higher level indeed.  Next I use a lot of YouTube clips for listening and speaking (discussions). Real English are my favourite clips as they include some grammar.  After all, that �s what advanced levels are all about, not? Talk to them as you would to your friends, colleagues, us on this site, the check-out girl at the supermarket and so on.  And make them do the same.  I love teaching adults, after years of kiddies, and even more years at an ordinary (...) secondary school. Just seeing your slogan, follow it: open your mind and teach from your heart! Cheers. Peter.

9 Feb 2014     

United Kingdom

As conjunctions, although and though are interchangeable (even is really just an intensifier). One major difference, however, is that though is also an adverb - with the same meaning as for all that, in spite of that, nevertheless etc - and although isn �t.

I love Catalan food. I can �t stand red peppers, though.
I love Catalan food. I can �t stand red peppers, a̶l̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶.

PS - would it help you to know that although was originally a compound of all + though, where all had an emphatic sense?

10 Feb 2014     

United States

Totally off the subject, the original post has "verses", when it should be "versus". This error has become very common, so I want people to be aware of it.

10 Feb 2014