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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > The "I Like" Game    

The "I Like" Game

United States

The "I Like" Game
Some of you may know the "I Like" game.
For those who donīt, itīs a fun way to train he, she, I and like/likes in the 3rd person singular AND it trains new words and concentration!

Hereīs how you play.
Start at one end of the room. (move in sitting order and not randomly around the class)

The first students says; "I like puppies"
the  student siting next to him says; "He likes puppies and I like football."
the next student says: He/she likes puppies, he/she likes football and I like pizza."
(and so on around the whole room)

All the students have to concentrate because it gets more difficult, the more new words are added.  The very last student has to recite what all the others have said.

If you have more than 20 students in a class, Iīd recommend making two groups.
Otherwise the last student will have to remember 35 "likes" and thatīs just too much!

This is also a great ice breaker for teens and adults too!
Hope you can use it

5 Feb 2009      


Great idea libertybelle! Thanks for the tip! Thumbs Up
Hugs from Portugal!

5 Feb 2009     


This is a great idea. Thanks. YOu can also use this game to practise the past tense by students telling the class about their last weekend. When they talk about the last weekend they can only use a verb once.
For example: Jane says " Last weekend I went swimming"
                     JOhn says " Last weekend Jane went swimming and I watched the tennis.
                     Betty says " Last weekend Jane went swimming, John watched the tennis
                                         and I bought a jumper.
             then Kathy says " Last weekend Jane went swimming, John watched the tennis, Betty bought a jumper and I planted some flowers. etc etc.
                This keeps going until everyone has had a turn.
               It is a good warm up and it makes students use different verbs in the past tense (as they can not use the same verb as one that has been said.
My students love it.

5 Feb 2009     


Nice idea.... to be used quickly this evening with my adult class

Thank you very much

This  reminds of similar games I use when reviewing vocabulary, for example fruits, vegetables, office items, kitchen items etc ) where a students starts, when revising fruits vocabulary for instance, "in my Fridge I have some oranges", the next one "In my fridge I have some oranges and some bananas, the third one "In my fridge I have some oranges, some bananas and some pears".... and so on

It is always funny as adults would often make fun of those who ffind it hard to memorise everything

5 Feb 2009     

United States

There are lots of variants on this game - just go for it!!!!

I like to see how many words my younger learners know.
They are very proud to be able to say words in English - especially
the 3rd graders.

Itīs also fun how the things they like change with age.
For adults, itīs a good way for them to get to know each other
and what the others like.

Glad you could use it and all the variations too!!

5 Feb 2009     


Yes, itīs a good game. I know it as "Add on". I usually divide my students into groups of 5-7 and let them practise first and have more than one round. While they are doing it, they repeat only 2-3 previous answers, not ALL of it. Thatīs how you keep up the pace of the game and you get each student produce the same amount of language.

Also, they use mime to remind the ītalkerī about the actions/vocabulary. It is because (often) there are weaker students within a group and they need a little īpushī so that they donīt feel frustrated and others donīt get impatient.

What you should worry about is what are the others that already had their turn doing while the others are saying their sentneces. What i do is assign the other teams to listen for any mistakes, and count them on their fingers. One mistake is half a point that i take away. If the opposite teams donīt hear the mistakes, the team that made them keeps their points. And i make sure the others know about it.

5 Feb 2009     


Oh I love it!
I used a variant of this game, where students were sitting in a circle and one by one, they added just one word, repeting the words heard before.
I am
I am a
I am a girl

and they went on until a student missed a word.

It was great to revise word order!

Thanks for the variants of the game! Iīll certainly use them!

5 Feb 2009     



5 Feb 2009     


Not that I would ever stoop to advertising my own worksheet on the forum of esl printables, I would never lower myself to do such a thing, but I have a powerpoint presentation that describes these games and some others that I use for primary kids to adults. They all work and they are all fun.
Okay, so I am low enough to advertise - so sue me!!!

5 Feb 2009     


Wow! Though I`ve used this game many times over the years, I had forgotten about it, I`ll us it tonite with my class for a `used to` warmer. Thanks for the inspiration Lisa!

5 Feb 2009     


Michael, expect a call from my lawyer! (Gz, this is the second time this week i will have to call him. Thanks to you heīll be not only busy but loaded, too!) Smile

Anyway, I think thereīs no harm in referring us to the page that has got to do with the topic ...

5 Feb 2009     

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