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Video-based Writing


Video-based Writing
Dear ESL teachers,

I do believe that exposing videos in the classroom would enrich students � writings content wise. 
As you know videos are of many types: films, instructional videos, documentaries, TV ADs, etc...... 
As for writing types, we have expository, narrative, persuaive, etc.....

If you agree with me, 
1. Which type of video do you think would mostly enrich students � writing? 
2. Which writing type would mostly work in this case?


12 Feb 2014      



I have also used videos in the past to encourage many types of writing for upper intermediate to advanced level adults.  I would use:

1)  videos of ghost stories or urban legends to encourage narrative writing (good halloween   theme)
2)  news clips for summary writing
3)  news clips that present a controversial issue for persuasive writing

Videos are also excellent for grammar-based practice

1)  Watch a sitcom and change statements from direct to reported speech using different reported verbs (good for reported verb patterns)
2)  Watch a makeover show and have students write passive causative statements.  (She had her hair dyed, nose done, lips injected, etc)
3)  Watch a video that compares to people, countries, etc and have students write a compare and contrast essay.

Hope this helps


12 Feb 2014     

United States

Take a look at "Flipped Classroom"-- it involves using videos for learning.  Monty Python (Marie) has done a lot in this area.

12 Feb 2014     


Thanks Sharon for your valuable input.
Thanks Douglas for your help.

12 Feb 2014