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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > New to site - New to ESL teaching - Advice/Suggestions appreciated!    

New to site - New to ESL teaching - Advice/Suggestions appreciated!

United States

New to site - New to ESL teaching - Advice/Suggestions appreciated!
Hello.  I am a new volunteer ESL teacher of an adult conversation class.  At the moment, my students are from China (2), Japan (2), Iran, Argentina, Mexico (4), South Korea and the Congo.  They are at different levels, each with their own strength and weaknesses. Additionally, I have to make it up as I go. There are no resources to work with.  Help, veteran teachers! Can you think of any fun activities and resources that I can use that will translate across all levels?  The classes are two hours and the first hour I have been doing a fun activity and the second hour I would like to incorporate some reading aloud with accompanying questions to work on comprehension and the ability to communicate ideas. More importantly, if the material could be something that an adult would be interested in.  I don �t want to insult their intelligence. 

12 Feb 2014      


First of all, welcome to this wonderful global community of ESL teachers!
Before you can benefit from any resources from here, you �ll have to share your own work to get the necessary points for downloads. As you do, don �t forget to follow the rules of this ste. Meanwhile you can benefit from free templates and tutorials. Also check out the bookmarks. You can always search the older forum posts by topic.
Some links to get you started:
BTW British Council offers some great FREE apps which your students can benefit from.
Busy Teacher (you �ll have to register but you don �t need points there to download worksheets, you need points only for e-books) there are lots of useful tips on different aspects of esl, e.g. What Every Teacher of Adult ESL Students Needs to Know, 7 Terrific Telephone English Activities for Adult ESL Learners, 15 Secrets to Teaching Adults, etc, etc, just explore
Here �s a great online dictionary which has explanations in clear English.
Maybe you could also make use of Buzzle.com but the English there is not simple.
I �m sure everyone else will tip in and you �ll have a great bunddle of resources to get you going.

12 Feb 2014     

Granny elie

I have contributed to ESL for man years and enjoyed the experience. I gave me confidence. I wrote and published a boo �ALTERNATIVE ENGLISH � a collection of excercises Ihave found great with my students. GOOD LUCK!

13 Feb 2014