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ESL forum > Teaching material > Recommendations for elementary school text book    

Recommendations for elementary school text book


Recommendations for elementary school text book
Hi folks
I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for textbooks/workbooks to be used for elementary school kids for grades 3,4,5,6
My plan is to use �Yes we can � book 1 for 3rd grade then book 2 for 5th grade.
Book 3 is too hard for my Japanese students so ideally I would like to use a book similar to �Yes we can � and do book 1 for the 4th grade and book 2 for the 6th.
The big problem I find in Japanese schools is that they assume that because the kid studied it once one week they can do it -but as we all know language isn �t that easy- so my idea is to teach basically in a 2 year block so that they get a chance to repeat/review the basics.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated
Cheers and have a good weekend everyone

13 Feb 2014      

David Lisgo

Have you tried "Finding Out", which was developed in Japan especially for Japanese children


Lot �s of support materials available for the above course, many from myself:

Both the above are more child centred than most books that are available, like Let �s Go and English Land.

Super-teachers can often make progress in one year chunks, but not me. I would always have too many children left behind, so I too would rather slow it down and consolidate. Many Japanese adults cannot answer even the most basic of questions after 6 years of grade-school English, so why they expect miracles from their own children (an us) is beyond me.
BTW Could you tell me a little about "Yes be can" as I have never heard of it.

13 Feb 2014     


Check these books

1. Family and Friends
2. Bravo
3. American Chatterbox
4.American Happy House
5.American Happy Street
6.English Adventure

Check these books and choose one based on the circumstances and environment that you 
face in your classes and in Japan.

Have Fun

14 Feb 2014