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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Peripheral learning - calendar (the weather, clothes, even grammar)    

Peripheral learning - calendar (the weather, clothes, even grammar)


Peripheral learning - calendar (the weather, clothes, even grammar)
I was rummaging through my files looking for sth and found this picture. The calendar is still on the classroom wall but with up-to-date date Smile. The cards in the pockets were made and written on by the students. (Though the size of the pic does not allow the letters to stand out!)
Anyway, the calendar can be adapted to a grammar poster where the SS can put different verbs into the slots and get sth like: It was [Monday morning] and [Mick] [was] [peeling a banana] when [sth] [happened]. Or you can put If- sentences and get some crazy ones depending on the mood of the students who change the cards before, during or at the end of class to get different sentences.
The poster is a good example of peripheral learning.

Lol! I donīt know why the pic doesnīt show on the message board, but if you click on "post an answer" youīll be able to see it. And if you canīt, then ... alas!

6 Feb 2009      

alien boy

Hi Ivona,
what a great idea!
Iīve copied your info & the picture so I can make up a poster for the start of the new school year (thatīs April in japan).
When I copied the picture & pasted it into Word it was huge! Maybe the picture has dimensions that are too large for the noticeboard to display it properly?
Thanks again.

6 Feb 2009     


To A.B. When i was uploading the pic, i reduced the size in that window that appeared... Donīt know...
Anyway, when you say you will make the poster, i hope you mean just the pockets. The point is to get the students to write on the cards. Magazine pictures are always a great help when the ss canīt draw well. :)

To those who asked me in private messages about peripheral learning - itīs when a student learns from what is present in the environment, even if his attention is not directed to it. Most often from posters.

6 Feb 2009     


really great ideas, I downloaded it and I īm going to addapt it to my classroom, thanks

6 Mar 2009