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ESL forum > Teaching material > There is / There Are ::::Countable/UnCountable    

There is / There Are ::::Countable/UnCountable


There is / There Are ::::Countable/UnCountable
There is a cat in the room :::::: > countable

There is tea in the glass :.:::.:::>uncountable

There is a lot of tea in the glass ::::::>uncountable

There are a lot of cats in the  garden::::::>countable

5 Mar 2014      


what are you trying to tell us? 

5 Mar 2014     

Czech Republic

If you mean the phrase "a lot of", then be sure it can be used with both countable and uncountable words. And don�t be confused with the indefinite article "a" after the verb are because it is a part of the phrase a lot of which means much or many

5 Mar 2014     

United States

Hey, Oto. It �s good to see you here again. I �m sorry to say that I still haven �t watched the DVD you so kindly sent me. With all of my eye problems, watching a movie with subtitles is a major effort. I will definitely see it sometime, though.

6 Mar 2014