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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Theatre with 4-5 year olds    

Theatre with 4-5 year olds


Theatre with 4-5 year olds
Hi everybody,
I´m working on the story of "Little red riding hood" with my 4 and 5 year olds. We did some masks and now my intention is to act the story out. We don´t have much time per lesson (30 minutes - 45 minutes) and the amount of students per class is 25.
Do you know any web page that could be useful? I mean, some easy tips in order to carry out the activity successfully.
Thanks a lot, and many thanks to the people who downloaded my material and left a comment. It really helps a lot.

6 Feb 2009      

United Arab Emirates

Hi, how are you?
You know we staged Little Red Riding Hood in my school a year ago. But we modified it to involve more students (we used different animals and songs).
If you want I will try to find the script and will write some procedure stuff.
Just see if you want it.

6 Feb 2009     


Hi there Escolopia,

I don´t know if the resources for Little Red Riding Hood can be found at this site nevertheless the woman I will refer you to deserves a lot of respect. My boss has paid for and downloaded some of her e-books and you can see she is someone who has worked very hard at continuously improving her teaching. Her e-book on games for adults and kids have been a constant source of lifesavers for us. Some we knew, and benefited from being reminded of again, some were new and simple.

Anyway, games aside, she has also done a lot regarding drama in classes. She may not be able to help you this time but if you want to use drama in the future it could be enormously useful for you.

This is her main site

and this is her section about using plays in the classroom with children.

I have enormous respect for this lady, although I have never met her or corresponded with her. I hope you find inspiration here.

I also hope to NEVER see any of her material uploaded here as she is doing it all independently and deserves all the support she can get...

6 Feb 2009     

United Kingdom

Here are some links which may prove useful.

6 Feb 2009     


The masks for Little red riding hood are here:

6 Feb 2009     


Thanks a lot for all your help !!!

you´re incredible Wink

6 Feb 2009