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Hello, everyone! I m teaching the Present Perfect Continuous and I ve come accross with an exercise that interested me, but it has no key. Could you help me, please? Thanks in advance! A. Pay attention to the following sentences. 1. There you are at last! Ive been waiting for ages. Im sure youve lost your time playing computer games. 2. Weve been living in this smart house for 5 years. 3. His eyes are inflamed because hes been playing computer games all night. 4. I cant concentrate with this noise theyve been playing loud music on their computer all night. 5. Hes been sending text messages for so long that his mobile phone has run out of battery. 6. Its been raining since I woke up this morning. So Ill text Jen to tell her I wont go out with her. Match them with their corresponding language function: a. a continuous or repeated activity that started in the past and is still continuing: b. a continuous or repeated activity that started in the past and has just finished: c. a completed continuous activity that has present results:

1 May 2014      


I would say:

a: 2, 4, 6
b: 1,
c: 3, 5

I hope it helps

1 May 2014     

United States

I would say
1 - b
2 - a
3 - a or b (depending on the time of day when it is said - "a" if the sun hasn t yet risen, "b" if it has)
4 - a
5 - c (although I would really call it "b", because I see "c" as the present perfect, not the present perfect continuous)
6 - a
The only one I completely disagree with anaram on is #3. If the activity had been completed, the sentence would be, "His eyes are inflamed because was playing computer games all night."

1 May 2014     



1 May 2014