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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > hello everybody I need your help please    

hello everybody I need your help please

aadnan touil

hello everybody I need your help please
Is the following expression correct
it is not that of much ease

9 May 2014      

United Kingdom

No.  All I can think of that it might be is �it �s not that easy �.  

9 May 2014     


 I think we can say, it �s not that much easy

10 May 2014     

United States

I agree with Lynne-(Cunliffe),


10 May 2014     


I �m with Lynne.
@ pinkblossom: "much" is used with comparatives, isn �t it?
Also "it �s not that much of a probplem" comes to mind... but I haven �t heard what you mentioned.
Maybe the key is in the context where "that" refers to something previously mentioned. E.g. "He lives a simple life but it �s not that of much ease" could this be the case? Native-speaking forum people, what do you think?

10 May 2014     

United Kingdom

Yes, your sentence is possible, Sophia, but I would change the �that � to �one �. And to be a stickler, change �but � to �and �. 

10 May 2014