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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > "make + adjective"    

"make + adjective"


"make + adjective"
I want to help my students and their usual teachers (Japanese teachers of English) with the phrase "It makes me ". For example: It makes me happy. There are some adjectives we use naturally (correctly?) and some we don �t. We can say "It saddens me" or "It makes me sad". We can say "It makes me happy" but not "It happies me". We can say "It interests me" but not "It makes me interested". I feel there is some rule, which I can not quite quantify, for "__ed" adjectives and their partner verbs (excites vs makes ~ excited; interests vs makes ~ interested), and that there are  general rules of what is acceptable/natural/correct. However, I can not seem to consolidate these in my head, and a Google search reveals very little indeed. Anyone know of any good links? Better still, any good little mnemonics? Thank you very much.

19 May 2014      


I would use it makes me interested. I read this book and it makes me interested in reading more.      Native speaker learning more.   Or is that ok because of the part in front.  

19 May 2014     



19 May 2014     


Thank you for the link. Sadly that page doesn �t seem to be what I am looking for, but thank you anyway.

20 May 2014