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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Oh dear ... a big Oops    

Oh dear ... a big Oops

Peter Hardy

Oh dear ... a big Oops
I m very sorry to inform all who downloaded my latest contribution that not all the embedded sound files were embedded. I suppose you ve noticed. My mistake to practice on my computer, where PPT could find the sound files. But on another computer, well, like you, I missed some sounds. Here is what Ill do: Ill delete the PPTs (three parts) from my contributions, so Ill lose my points, and re-upload the ones with the really embedded sound files as a new contribution. If anyone is of the opinion that s not the way, please let me know, and include some advice? I could just replace the files, but that would mean I get undeserved extra points if people re-download. Please accept my apologies and keep an eye out for the real thing(s). Ill delete on Wednesday, so people can give me some advice first, and re-upload by Thursday or Friday. Cheers, Peter

19 May 2014      


Hi there!
No problem! I don t mind download the files again.
Cheers, Sara

19 May 2014     


Hello Peter!

It s ok. No problem at all. DON T WORRY!

Greetings From Portugal.Thumbs Up

19 May 2014