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Dear friend,

I �ve just uploaded more resources to my samples page. Take a look HERE and feel free to download them.


Xani (Sandra Mendon�a)

22 May 2014      

Peter Hardy

Nice, but this type of advertising is a breach of the rules. You can follow the rules easily by making the worksheets available on this site. We share ws for free, so no need to try to sell us your work or entice us with free samples. Thanks. Peter

22 May 2014     


@ Peter: No, it �s not. It �s a very generous offer.
It �s against the rules to advertise worksheets you upload here. BTW Sandra has been a contributing member here since 2008 and she is still sharing her top quality materials here for free.

22 May 2014     

Mariethe House

I agree with you Peter!
However, this has been discussed before and nothing can be done about itUnhappy
Have a look at this link

23 May 2014     

United Kingdom

The world and her cat advertise their worksheets on here now. I think we can live with it and say thank you for the free gifts. 
If people start advertising their second hand clothes, I would think that a step too far. Wink

23 May 2014     

United States

I think we should use common sense. If someone is advertising a free resource that can �t be submitted here (uses .pdf files, Excel spreadsheets, more technically involved online activities, etc.), then I think that �s fine. If someone advertises something that could be or was submitted here, no go; that �s a clear violation. If someone advertises a paid product or service, then they should have to pay Victor for advertising fees.

23 May 2014     

Peter Hardy

The offer is for free samples, but the main purpose of the site is to sell. (Example: PACK 6 - SECOND GRADERS 7,50� Only 6,00�) So I tend to support Moody �s view that Victor deserves to be paid advertising fees. Especially after all the great work he has done. We could try to live with it, Lyne, but this forum is about helping each other. I have learned heaps from all the questions and answers. A shame if that �s pushed of the page by advertisements. My interpretations of the rule "Don �t use the forum to advertise your worksheets or other users � worksheets" could definitely applied to Sandra �s effort to promote her work, Sophia. If she already shares her work than why trying to sell it as well? I suppose Victor will adjust the rules soon (after he �s recovered from his last masterpiece). So till then, let �s focus on what we do best as teachers: helping others. Cheers, Peter

23 May 2014     

United Kingdom

I say it �s taking a liberty trying to sell things.

23 May 2014     


Thanks, Sandra!
I really appreciate your work!
I �m grateful for the free samples that you �ve shared with us! Hug
Have a nice weekend!

23 May 2014