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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > īs or not ...    

īs or not ...


īs or not ...
I īm preparing a lesson plan about civil rights and the Jim Crow Laws but I have a doubt, would you say:
Black people had to use facilities different from the Whites � or the Whites ( īs or not..)
Black people couldn īt attend the same schools as Whites � or Whites.
They couldn īt wait in  the same waiting rooms as Whites � or Whites..
thanks ;)

11 Feb 2009      


Good question, I would say without... also, just to be sure... I have just been wikiing and googling "segregation" and everywhere is coming up "Blacks and Whites" without the "  īs  "...


There were schools for whites...

The buses for blacks...

Hope that helps some...

11 Feb 2009     


In your examples, you don īt need apostrophe because none of the cases is possessive.
Unlike in :
The black people īs schools were different from the whites �
where you have to put the possessive apostrophe
Good luck 

11 Feb 2009     

United States

Harim is correct

12 Feb 2009     


Hi, steph30

In my opinion, it is better to use the "THE + Adjective" form in these examples since you refer to catgories of people.

The black had to use facilities different than those of the white.
The black couldn īt attend the same schools as the white.
They couldn īt wait in  the same waiting rooms as the white.

Hope this could help

13 Feb 2009     


I don īt think we would use the adjectival form without the īs � when talking about people.
We talk about black americans or the blacks. Of course it is now more politically correct to say īAfrican Americans �.

14 Feb 2009