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ESL forum > > Send comment button vs reading the comments before hand    

Send comment button vs reading the comments before hand

New Zealand

Send comment button vs reading the comments before hand
Hi guys, it is with great frustration that I write this. PLEASE PLEASE scroll down the comments before you leave a comment yourself instead of using the leave a comment button which takes you straight there.

There is a member here (who I shall not name and shame as I have reported him and his blatant copying of worksheets already to victor) who is getting over 100 downloads every day because people are not reading the comments first.
This member IS NOT in any way writing his contributions. The work is NOT HIS.

Come on guys! Are we really going to continue to support this type of thing?


To the contributor if you are reading this. YOU KNOW I KNOW. You have admitted to me that I am right in my assumptions that these worksheets are not in any way your own work. Yet you continue every day to upload. I will continue to leave comments on your copied work.

12 Feb 2009      

Mar (itxasobcn)

Hi dear teachers,

Cheezels is RIGHT. I know that person is updoading worksheet that are not HIS.
As cheezels says you should READ THE COMMENTS FIRST.
If we had to pay something to become members of this site, (i.e. once a year) maybe lots of things like the one cheezels is mentioning (or people leaving nasty comments or ´contact ´ messages I ´ve received myself) wouldn ´t happen and only the people who are REALLY INTERESTED would be members of this site. We ´d be helping Victor as well.
But please, READ THE COMMENTS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Feb 2009