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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Name-it contest (June 29)    

Name-it contest (June 29)

Nina Duarte

Name-it contest (June 29)
Dear pals, I invite you to give creativity the ultimate power to name and define this advanced technology shown below. Have fun.

28 Jun 2014      


dear customer,

this is the new innovation of apple: the i-blackboard!

take it everywhere you go, on the beach, in the bath,in the snow. No need to be careful, no need to buy more accessories, no need to have an internet connection, or even electricity!!!

Helpless fun is just a few chalk sticks away!

29 Jun 2014     


Jackass laptop: No brain required

29 Jun 2014     


The way forward for today�s kids.

The Pear..... no need for electricity so cheap to run and even works in power cuts.  No problem acquiring consumables or add ons.... all available in a wide variety of suppliers.

Stimulates the imagination without doing the work for you, truly recyclable.

WARNING:  no recovery function so be careful with accidental deletions.

29 Jun 2014     

Hong Kong

Pear will soon be taking over Apple, and are introducing their new Bad-Ass PowerBook Pro. It �s made of 100% recyclable material and doesn �t need any battery or external power. Teenagers can also cleverly hide joints or cigarettes disguised as chalk without parents or teachers noticing. 

29 Jun 2014     

United States

It �s obviously a chalktop. Unfortunately, it is still in beta testing; the Donkey company is still working on a color version to replace the basic black and white model. (Notice that the picture on the back of the device is equine, not pirine. The pear is only the display picture on the "screen.")

29 Jun 2014     


This is the latest Ass-bull product.
Following in the footsteps of the U-phone,  a short distance communication device - works over a distance of max 10 meters. This distance can be increased with an App called the U-megaphone. A stunning cone-shaped creation that fits to all sizes of lips. Alternatively raising your voice will also improve the distance.

The new innovative U-pad allows you to communicate silently with the world around you. Errors can be deleted simply and without trace. This product is CO2 neutral and requires only a light source in order to work. Additional colours can be purchased making this a perfect way to create temporary works of art or messages 

Get your U-pad today

30 Jun 2014     


It �s the FAPUTER for loyal Democrats suffering from smoking addiction. It uses the innovative sofware by PEAR.
(fag + pear + computer)

30 Jun 2014