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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word Of the Day contest    

Word Of the Day contest

Hong Kong

Word Of the Day contest
Thank you Jayho for making me the winner of the last contest. 

The new Word Of the Day is:

Please remember not to post the real definition, only made up definitions will be accepted Wink

29 Jun 2014      


This describes the act of a person, a flocculist,  who is totally obsessed with the study of flocculation in the field of chemistry

30 Jun 2014     


This is a rare medical expression used by veterinarians:
Doctors are called in to vaccinate a flock of sheep against a serious disease which might spread to man causing hillbillyism in remote areas of Australia.
(Sorry, folks. No offence. Hug )

30 Jun 2014     


floccinaucinihilipilification ? I chose the same Word for the same contest some months ago !!! Not many entries, by the way, in my case .. Such a difficult w ord and don �t even remember the real meaning , haha . I �ll have a try , here I go : Flo : Short form of my name ( Flori , everybody knows that in this site ! ;)) CCI : /si/ (pronounced like that is "yes" in Spanish) Still haven�t finished ...; Nau : it can be the pronunciation of the negative "no" by some Spaniards; Cin : /sin/means "without" in Spanish ; hilip: Sounds like a Word in Spanish meaning "stupid" ; -ification: suffix meaning "process "(getting a quality ) So that "floccinaucinihilipilification" can be the process in which Flori is struggling whether to be stupid or not by posting such a nonsense !!! That�s all , folks !!!

1 Jul 2014     

Hong Kong

Here is the real meaning:


the action or habit of estimating something as worthless 

I absolutely love isa2 �s definition, so isa2 is the winner this time Clap

1 Jul 2014     


ISA2:  Love your post! Hillbillyism!!! I think it has spread in my family!

2 Jul 2014