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ESL forum > > Do we care as teachers????    

Do we care as teachers????


What can I say???? I agree with every little word youve all written!!! I would like to ask a question to all those who steal ws..... What do you do when a student is cheating in an exam? Do you think is correct?
It just makes me sick Sick Smiley Scratching And Itching Chicken Pox

12 Feb 2009     


 I agree with silvanija, may be Victor can appoint someone who can help him in this "everyday problem", but I think WE CAN DO OUR PART READING THE MESSAGES so as not to download stolen ws. I think WE, RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, can spend just some seconds scanning the messages and checking and the problem would be solved.
It s my humble opinion.....

12 Feb 2009     


I`m not here to change people`s mind. You ,any single person has the right to do as they please. Who I am to judge others? I`m not perfect,  I do not expect peple be differently.

My point is that there are  preachers in the forum "preaching " what the rest should do.
It`s  effortless  to  think that those who do not behave according to the accepted standards will change because we complain in the forum. What do really expect those who post complains again and again ? Are they really waiting for a change of mind  or they want to show how they worry about this recurrent behavior ? or they just want to be part of the active part of the forum ?  

12 Feb 2009     

United States

Dear Lilytech

Stealing is stealing, in every country in the world. If we don t set a good example, who will?
If we condone kids who want instant gratification - right here and now, and don t want to work for what they want,but steal to get what they want,  this world will end up in a very sad situation.
Luckily the majority of people here at ESL are honest, hard-working teachers with respect for the materials they make,-
And the few bad apples are the minority, but it, still is depressing to know that there are some people who share our occupation but not our values.

12 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

Wow lilytech... you must be really inspirational to the children you teach if you don t have any hope and faith in humans wanting to do the right thing.... (Sarcasm)

I don t consider myself to be preaching, certainly I am not perfect, but I take pride in my values of honesty and loyalty.
My reason for posting? Not for the reasons you suggest. Because this COMMUNITY, yes lilytech, COMMUNITY of great teachers is being eroded little by little by people without fundamental values. Believe it or not there are still a few of us out there that do think that cheating and lying and being dishonest are not rewardable traits.

How about respect for the sites administrator who clearly states what the rules and expectations are for being a member here?

In a society of take take take and instant gratification, this site is wonderful in its fundamental ethos of give and you shall receive. I really feel a close connection with many wonderful helpful people here, and I am not going to sit back and allow other members who cheat the system be rewarded for their dishonesty.

12 Feb 2009     


My support, cheezels.

12 Feb 2009     


People should remember that the only one that is the owner here is Victor Gayol. Just he can manage the group at least for a while or just when he wants to...and not the members.
It is not written in the rules Victor did that members must FIND & CHECK each ws on the website and publish the name and link about them ?? and expose people to the ridiculous thing and tell everything is happening in the forums. Is it?? I never read something like this in the web site rules....
However everydays some boring hunters are very worried about stolen ws..and publishing their bad comments here..what is not so good......this is not needed guys..Victor knows what he does..if he publishes all the ws, including the bad ones.. just him can remove them..no one can do this..just him...
Any complainings and problems about ws or other stuff must be directed to the owner and not in the forum. and this was already spoken here a lot some months ago..to STOP doing this here in the forum, but they continue doing this...too bad..
Please guys stop these complainings here..about stolen ws or something like that.....Your voices can not be heard for the majority. Just 20 or 30 members use the forum regularly in the middle of 135.000 users...this site has..and just few use to write messages in the forum... and know or read your bad comments.... So, do your best about your own worsheets... improve your knowledge about the English language and that is all...
Nothing can be done if the owner do not like or want.. right?
Take the things easy and not so hard for yourselves..
Hope this bad things stop for good..here at this web site..

12 Feb 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)


Maybe Lilytech thinks it s fair to let someone who can t right a single sentence in English upload worksheets as if they were his and expect us to say NOTHING about it.
Maybe someone should explain the difference between complaining and preaching.
There are some really good dictionaries on the net....

12 Feb 2009     


All that`s necessary for the triumph of `worksheet thieves` is for good ESLPrintable members to do nothing!
Did anyone get that?

12 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

Suzylima: I have not published any name or worksheet. I have asked people to carefully look at what they are downloading before they do.

Hey freddie I got it!!!! Great take on it!

12 Feb 2009     

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