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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > My first adult ESL class: help me, please!!!    

My first adult ESL class: help me, please!!!


My first adult ESL class: help me, please!!!

Hello Everybody,


This website is amazing and, first of all, Id like to tell you all Thanks for your wonderful worksheets!

Id like to ask you about the best procedures and techniques (or some good idea) that should be used in My first adult ESL class (grammar review, quiz...??).

Next Monday, I ll have my first class with a group (adults intermediate) and Im a little bit anxious about two points:

1)                some of them are already English teacher ;

2)                They loved their previous teacher;


So, I want some creative ideas and applicable methods that should be tackled in this lesson ( any possible warming up, quiz review, procedures).


I would be very pleased if you note down anything useful .. thanks in advance!


Best regards!



13 Feb 2009      


Dear Diniflower,
I recommend you use an icebreaker or a warmer.
This website is very interesting and here you can find excellent worksheets.
There are also other useful links, where you can find many tips:
Another suggestion is to give a "getting to know you activity".
When you get to know your students, you prepare activities that are interesting for them!! Find out what are their hobbies, when is their birthday, what are their favorite songs and so on! A getting to know you questionnaire might be helpful for you to remember all their information.
Hope that helps you!
Good luck!!

13 Feb 2009     

Czech Republic

You can find an great icebreaker here. I usually use it for my first lesson with new students.


Enjoy it!

13 Feb 2009     


Yes, start with an ice breaker.  There are heaps of beaut ice breakers on this site.  Just type in ice breaker into the contents search field.

13 Feb 2009     


What I usually do with first classes - which by the way are always a great pleasure as you, as a teacher,  are getting to know other students, and similarly students themselves are getting to know each other - (What I usually do) is some pair work where they are given a set of questions prepared in advance (for instance. tell us about yourself, how long have you been learning English, where, what are your motivations, Have you ever been to an English speaking country, what are your priorities of study, how often are you exposed to English, what do you do outside to maintain your English, what areas  in English are you more / less at ease with, what attitudes do you have towards correction, what are your future projects, tell us about your hobbies.... among many other examples)
Just make sure student A s questions are differnet from students B s.
The interest of this activity is that it definitely encourages the shy students to do some speaking when answering their partner s questions. Obviously, when a student is answering a question, his partner is supposed to take notes because once they have covered all the questions, they then introduce each other  (Students A introducing  student B and  vice versa)
Believe me, this pair work activity always takes me  at least two long hours  with a group of 15 students for example
You, as teacher, will check if they are using English only when doing the activity, and maybe help them with vocabulary or any other questions
Later on, when introducing each other, you may point out a few mistakes - I would always focus on the major ones -  and ask the student to correct it himself
Do this  at the end  (no need to interrupot them while speaking) and adults do appreciate being corrected, this is what mine  always tell me
There are many other alternatives: writing a set of questions on the board or projecting them and ask them to introduce themselves (but this is less interactive) or do some placement test or grammar diagnosis, but I would not recommand the latter for a first classes
Hope this helps

13 Feb 2009     

United States

Remember to be yourself.  Just because they loved their previous teacher doesn t mean you have to become that person. The previous teacher s styles and methods may not fit your style and personality.  If they are already teachers, don t try give them "BS" answers--they will see right through you.  If you aren t sure about an answer tell them that you are pretty sure about the correct answer but don t want to tell them the wrong thing and that you will research it to make sure you give them the "best" answer.
Use an ice breaker, make sure he students get to talk
Good Luck,

16 Feb 2009