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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Need help ,please !    

Need help ,please !


Need help ,please !
How are you all my dear teachers , I really appreciate your help if you can , I am going to prepare and present a workshop about "e.learning vs traditional methods of teaching " I collected some data but I need your help , points of view and some resources to work on them . Thanks a lot . By the way "What īs your opinion about the topic ?"

1 Oct 2014      


I think e-learning is great for those who know how to manage their time and can study independently. It allows you to learn and advance at your own pace which is a wonderful thing because it takes away a lot of the pressure of learning something within a set time limit.

However, in my honest opinion, e.learning should be a tool that goes hand in hand with traditional classroom settings. There is no substitution for human interaction in the e.learning process, something that a lot of people need. In general, you need to talk, practice o interact with people to learn a language... how else do we know if other people understand us, or that we are saying things in a correct way? Or gain the confidence to actually use what we have learned, if we don īt use or practice it?

Traditional methods are obviously not the only, or even the best way to learn sometimes, because everybody learns differently and no one method suits every person. (And there are TONS of "traditional" and "non-traditional" methods out there.) That said, both forms of learning, if used together, can be a great way to motivate students in the classroom.

1 Oct 2014     

United States

Monty Python (Marie-Helene Fasquel) has done a lot with flipped classroom and e.learning. 
Here is a link to her scoop it site (click on "Classe Inversč"):

2 Oct 2014     


Hi, I completely agree with Zora . I īve worked as an e-learning teacher twice and in my opinion, itīs not the best way to learn or reinforce a language . The student may learn some new vocabulary but nothing else . E-learning may be useful for other fields but not for our commom purpose !!! People who work or donīt have much to time to "waste " (thatīs the main reason ) and decide to take an on line English course, for example, are lying to themselves, they arenīt learning English, just copying with a demand in their CV or something like that .

2 Oct 2014