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teaching english phonics


teaching english phonics
HI everyone pls can u help me I �m an lsa pls can u send me some worksheets of cvc for children 5- 7 because i �m find it difficult to do many types of different worksheet I sent mine Thanks a lot L.zammit

3 Oct 2014      

United States

A seearch of the materials on cvc turned up many resources.

As soon as 30 -people download your worksheets, you will be able to download the worksheets you want. 

It is explained in more detail here http://www.eslprintables.com/rulesofthewebsite.htm

Welcome to the site.

3 Oct 2014     

Peter Hardy

Well, my dear L.Zammit, what can we say or do? You give me yours and I give you mine? Well, you �ve come to the right place, because that �s what we do here. We swap. That requires one thing, from you as a teacher: You have to produce some quality work to be able to swap. And as we require quality (after all, we are teachers) I �d like to welcome you to our world, both ESL Printables and teaching. First, on the bright side, through your work we �ll know what you �re looking for. Secondly, we also get the opportunity to help you with any question you may have, and thirdly, occasionally a teacher like myself gives unasked advice: Turn your work into a hobby. You �ll spend many hours preparing, so why not creating? And above all, please don �t write in text message style. After all, who �d know what lsa pls cvc means? So, no more accuses of finding things difficult. Grow up, get over it, just do it and enjoy being a teacher 24/7. (It �s like rubbing it in, have you noticed, guys?) But teaching IS GREAT, and so is the work. Looking forward to any reply aka views and some more worksheets in your folder, Luc. Cheers, Peter.

4 Oct 2014     

United Kingdom

Love those squirrels! I want to be part of that!

4 Oct 2014     


Hello and welcome to esl printables.

As Peter said, just be patient - once you have the magic 30 downloads, everything will start to flow! The more interesting your worksheets, the more likely they will be downloaded.

In the meantime, there are some CVC cards to print off for free here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/wordsandpictures/cvc/print/

Best wishes.

5 Oct 2014