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Business English Conversations/Role Plays


Business English Conversations/Role Plays
I īm looking for a book/workbook/teaching guide that is a collection of conversation starters or debate topics or role plays for my business English classes.

I own quite a lot of regular coursebooks and material when it comes to business English (I teach beginner to advanced levels) but I īm missing a compilation of only activities to get students talking in a business setting, no grammar exercises or text comprehension needed.

Do you have any good suggestions?

I love Jason Anderson īs "Role Plays for Today" but that is general English.

Thanks Heart

7 Oct 2014      


Don īt have a compilation of conversation starters but maybe these business English videos can help

Some more links to teach small talk:

Conversation starters (might not be related to business):

BTW you now don īt need to be logged in or registered in busyteacher in order to be able to download resources.

Here you can find different dialogues related to work. All audios have scripts which you could use as roleplays.
Also check these business English topics, there are also short audios with scripts.

7 Oct 2014     

Czech Republic

Hi Kathleen,
Neil Wood: Business and Commerce Workshop (Oxford). This is the book I like very much. You can use different topics to start class conversation based on topic or the related text and the level is neither too easy or too difficult.


or here you can even look inside to get an idea:


7 Oct 2014     


Maybe these will be of help
1. Websites with a variety of discussion starters. You could use them as is or adapt them to make your own set of questions/cards
2. Business ESL sites that may have some good ideas for you
3. ESL printable members with business conversation discussion cards
I also have published a set of "The Art of Conversation" conversation cards.  These are useful for practising general chit chat or as warmers.  So far, I have uploaded parts 1 to 5.

7 Oct 2014     

Korea, South

Wow Jayho, those sites you recommended are great!

7 Oct 2014     


Have a look at this: http://www.abundancecompany.com/free_handouts.htm

8 Oct 2014     


The site ESLgames.com also has a lot of conversation questions which are in the form of printable cards. You can cut them out and give piles of questions to groups of students.

26 Jul 2017