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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > proofreading HALOWEEN POEM    

proofreading HALOWEEN POEM


proofreading HALOWEEN POEM
Hi everyone, 
would you, please, proofread my poem?

(a witch is saying..)

Batty the bat,
Cathy the cat,
Ratty the rat,
jump into my hat!

Green weeds,
pumpkin seeds,
boiling hot
in my pot.

spiders a plenty,
let �s do some magic 
and count to twenty! 

Any additional ideas? (This ws will be for my 10y olds,1st year of English)
Thnx a lot!

13 Oct 2014      

maryse pey�

Fatty the ghost is around / laughing up the ground / Toads bounce and bounce / and not only once ! // Here and there people shout / but what is it about ? / The headless rider ? / The devilish hunter ? // A skeleton dances / with the toad Gregory / in the cemetery / near the fences //

13 Oct 2014     


such a wonderful poem, well done!!!

but maybe - not to confuse your pupils - you should use "Katie" (because Cathy is with a "th"... but if you want to work "a" then katie won �t work because the sound is /ei/)

here �s my very small contribution :) if it can be useful!
"a dog,
some fog
then/and hop a frog"

13 Oct 2014     


Wow guys, you �re great!
Elojolie - yes, I was going for "a"  therefore Cathy ;) and I was in a doubt to use it or not, my son read it Cathy the cath (he used th sound in cat ;)
we �ll see how it works :)
thnx for the dog part :)

Maryse - thnx a lot! very creative!

13 Oct 2014     


How about Cassie the cat?

13 Oct 2014     

United States

Instead of "a plenty" use either "aplenty" or "a-plenty". Both are correct.


13 Oct 2014     

United States

1,2 a ghost saying, "Boo!"
2,4 a skeleton on the door,
5 6, kids doing tricks
7,8 pumpkins by the gate
9, 10 play and win

11,12 potions on shelves
13, 14 adding wart beans
15,16 trick-or-treat for Halloween
17,18 Halloween �s a great scene
19,20 My jelly beans are minty

13 Oct 2014     



thnx redcamaro, this is really great!!

Joy - I �ll think about your Cassie idea.. it �s just that I like the way they all end in Y (names), what about Cassy? Is it possible?

Bruce - I wasn �t really sure about this, so thanks a lot! You always make my life easier :)

Thank you all, you are wonderful!

13 Oct 2014     

United States

Sure, "Cassy" is fine.


13 Oct 2014     

United States

I can �t believe no one noticed that Halloween was spelled with only one l. Cathy is good if you want to practice the /Θ/, or unvoiced th sound.

13 Oct 2014     

United Kingdom

Catty the cat. 
Great poem!

13 Oct 2014     

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