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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Learning Irregular Verbs    

Learning Irregular Verbs


Learning Irregular Verbs

Do you know any good and effective ways/tricks to learn the list of the irregular verbs? I mean, without having the list in front of you, always saying "be, was, been", "be, was, been", etc... (that �s how I learnt it, by the way... Wink)

I have a private student and would like to give her some tips so that she can memorize the verbs more easily...

Thanks a lot in advance.


20 Oct 2014      


you can download my printable, irregular verbs bingo and your student can play with it to learn much quicker

20 Oct 2014     


Hi, Do you know this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNaDvAYC0Jw

20 Oct 2014     


this video is just fantastic

21 Oct 2014     


I encourage the pupils to group the verbs into families.
The "ought/aught" family - catch, fight, teach, buy etc.
The "o-i �en" family - drive, write, ride etc.
The "no change" family - put, cut etc.

By identifying and grouping similar verbs into groups themselves (maybe as a class activity) and discussing their reasons for associating different verbs in the same family, pupils are more likely to remember them. An alphabetical list is far too abstract.

21 Oct 2014     


Thanks a lot for your help. I think that �s a great idea, FrauSue. ;)

The video is really amazing!

22 Oct 2014