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Conversation techniques


Conversation techniques
Hi to all members.
I have some conversation sessions with a number of up to 7 ss. They are intermediate 1.  Please some suggestions about encouraging them to be more talkative?. Thanks in advance and certainly all your help is appreciated.

27 Oct 2014      


please check your mail box.
your students can get information from these people and share with their class.

28 Oct 2014     

United States

Hi! Sometime before the conversation group give the students a topic like, "Which is better, health or wealth?" Tell them each student is to come prepared with their opinion written down in their notebook. During the conversation group, each student must then give their opinion. The higher students can refer to their notes and the lower students can read what they have written. You can also give them a sheet of possible topics so they can take turns picking which topic the group will talk about at the next session. Hope this helps!

28 Oct 2014     


let students speak about they liek to speak ... most students are generally shy ... because they think they make mistakes .. I encourage my students to prepare and participate in brief and commited chats and i realice they love it

28 Oct 2014     


Role plays are a good way to encourage people to speak as they can pretend they are someone else. There are lots of role play ideas in the worksheets section.

30 Nov 2014