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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > 0 conditional and inversion    

0 conditional and inversion


0 conditional and inversion
I know there is an inversion in 1, 2 and 3 conditionl. How about "0 conditional"?

If I eat too much, I get sick.

Should I eat too much, I get sick. - is this form correct?

Have a nice day.


5 Nov 2014      


no, that īs not great english

5 Nov 2014     


In formal English, the subject and the auxiliary can be inverted in the if-clause with if omitted:
    Should you see Kate, say hi from me. (if you should see Kate)
Should you require any further information, please contact us at our office in Green Street.

Should I eat? Who do you need to be formal with?

5 Nov 2014     

United Kingdom

A bit self-important - or poetic.
īShould I fall behind, wait for me.
Excellent answer from sertz

5 Nov 2014     

United States

I agree with Lynne that it sounds self-important or poetic ( or literary).

Should you need anything,
please call me.

Should he call you,
I also want to speak to him.

5 Nov 2014     


Thank you very much, although you haven īt really answered my question

6 Nov 2014     

United States

Ania, exactly what do you want to know? They addressed the example you gave, so I īm sure they thought they answered your question. So, if you re-ask your question, I īm sure we can help you.


6 Nov 2014     


Your sentence is grammatically correct, but (as others have already pointed out) it sounds out-dated.I would not recommend inversion in this case.

6 Nov 2014     


Thank you very much! Now I īm satisfied :)

6 Nov 2014