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ESL forum > Teaching material > Advice: I īve been asked to write up some lesson plans    

Advice: I īve been asked to write up some lesson plans


Advice: I īve been asked to write up some lesson plans

Hi everyone

I īd like some advice. 

I īm teach at a school but I īm also teaching at a language center, I īve been asked to write up lesson plans for 12 classes of an hour and 30 minutes per class, for conversation classes. Teacher will use these lesson plans for future conversation classes, she asked me how many hours I would need to write up the lesson plans, I’m not quite sure how much I should get paid for 12 lesson plans.

I get paid 30 PEN (Peruvian soles) for 1 hour one-on-one classes.

How much do you guys think I should get paid for writing up 12 lesson plans? I honestly have no idea.


Thanks in advance

5 Nov 2014      


The lessons plans often take longer to write than the lessons actually take to give, therefore, I would suggest that you get paid equal to the lesson time, but I do not know your countries way of working...can you not ask her how much she expects to pay?

6 Nov 2014     


In my opinion, planning a good lesson sesión will demand lot of time from us and get more and more benefits in the future ... On the other hand , it wonīt take the same time to prepare a lesson to everybody ...it depends on skills, experience , resources ... So , you should analyse how long it will take you and take into account a profit will be earned every time the lesson is given ... Well , different countries ..different needs ... I donīt know how much I īd ask for if I were you but sure I īd take into account all that stuff .

6 Nov 2014