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Smartboard Lessons


Smartboard Lessons
I �m looking for some lessons that can be used in a smart boards.  Any lessons that you have or links are more than WELCOME!  Thanks a million!

9 Nov 2014      

United States


These are PPT �s primarily for Kindergarten and Elementary school kids that can be downloaded and used in many different lessons based on subject. They have all be used as smart board lessons. 

I hope they are useful. 

9 Nov 2014     

Peter Hardy

Congrats. Not many of us have a IWB (inter active board). I use everything from this site. PPTs and WS. On top of that I use many video clips and sound files and much more. The �specialised � Smart-board files from Easy Teach (Google!) are nice, but too complicated. Have fun, and do more than Smart board tells you. Play with the thing. Attach the lot to the Net, and you �ll have the On-line and the Smart board lessons from the contributions here, too. Save every lesson in Smart-board, as you take constantly snapshots of what you �ve written on top of the displays, and before you know it you have your plan for eternity :)Peter

10 Nov 2014     


Where I teach the use of technology is limitted to 15 min per 45-min class. What about your teaching situation?
I second Peter on the use of PPT and other resources from here.
As to the other resources, if you have the privilege of an internet connection, then check these, there are lot �s of interactive activities
This one has lots of great videos
Check the quizzes http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/quizzes/

Here �s a website for web.2 tools
another one 

10 Nov 2014     


There are lots of resources here: http://www.iboard.co.uk/ - often primary resources for native speakers adapt well for ESL learners.
You can get lots of inspiration for creating your own IWB resources here: http://teacherslovesmartboards.com/ and here: http://www.textivate.com/#.

The important principle is that the IWB should not be just a presentation tool, but also an interactive tool. You can project your PPTs and worksheets but use the interface to highlight, circle, cover, modify etc. and thus model to the pupils what they should be doing with their own work. That is a really powerful way of using the IWB.

11 Nov 2014