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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Speaking lessons to little children (begginers)    

Speaking lessons to little children (begginers)


Speaking lessons to little children (begginers)
Hi everybody!

I have to teach a child who is 7 years old, but his family only want I teach speaking activities.
The problem is the child doen ´t know speak english although he understands lots of questions and words. Moreover, he gets bored because is so young.
Do you know any activity to do in a funny way? The class consists on one hour speaking.

Thanks in advance!


3 Dec 2014      


well, you could use flashcards and play games. If you don ´t have any you can make them yourself or download here, just pick a theme (kids love animals, colours, numbers, food..) And you can find many game banks here too! You can download some cut and paste worksheets for the last 15 minutes because I have to say that 60 minutes seems a little too much for a 7 year old. Good luck! :)

3 Dec 2014     


 Yes, I agree with Makigi and add spot the differences  optical illusions , , use some toys ( for example the typical toy till for prices ...or Mr Potato for the parts of the body ...) I usually work with adults but I remember teaching my nieces , just conversation . Wow , a hard  job... things are quite different when dealing with children !!!

3 Dec 2014     


60 minutes is really a long time for a child to speak. I think you should tell the parentes that for any person who  learns a language not only  speaking actitvities are important,  but also reading, for instance. Why don ´t you make the games with the child? It can draw and has to say what it is doing. Read small picture stories with your student and after that he/ she can tell it or make up a new small story. I have done this several times with my kids. They had to draw 6 pictures about a subject ( let ´s say animals) and than they had to write one sentence for each picture.The next time, 2 sentences and so on. In your case, the child can just tell the story. But firstly you should convice the parents that what they want is not quite possible. 

4 Dec 2014     


It ´s a very difficult stuff. I ´m a five years-old teacher and I have to do a lot of speaking activities with them because they don ´t know how to write propperly. The things I use to do during the classes are: 
- A daily routine consisted on in circle make some basic questions that the next one in the circle has to answer and then they have to ask the same question to the next partner. 
 For example: What ´s your name?
                          How are you?
                          How old are you?
It ´s very useful because they integrate this throughout the repetition
- Then I use to work with flashcards according to the topic. I pass the flashcards I read them and them they have to repeat.
- The memory games are very useful as well if you put a specific instruction in which they win the pair if they say the word of the picture.
- Finally, I can tell you that the most productive conversation activity you can do, will be singing songs and chants. The children after a few repetitions know the lyric and they sing that songs all the day (even at home).
Hope my comment will be useful!!! 

4 Dec 2014     


What a challenge! However, it ´s not so difficult to solve. For me, it ´s the same as teaching English for a child who is not literate. You ´ll need to explore the visual through flashcards, board games, songs, videos, bingo, clippings and etc. In my classes I use slides, my students love them. This way of teaching will be demanding, so you can ´t just prepare an hour class, you ´ll need to have an extra activity in case of he finishes earlier. Kids are generally quick, mainly when they don ´t have anything to do with their hands.
I hope I have helped you.

4 Dec 2014