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Dear friends,

I need help to answer the following questions:

Use the words between brackets:
1.I am not going to bed.   (early) 
2. I have enough money to buy a car.   (too) 
3. Julia and Andrew aren �t of the same age.    (as.......as)
4. Ben and Tilly are of the same weight.   (as.....as)
5. Liz is smarter than the other students.    (the)
6. Are oranges cheaper that apples?  (expensive
7. she is a very popular singer.      (the
Correct the verbs:
8.They ............... (launch) a campaign after the authorities ....................... (clarify) the criteria. 

22 Dec 2014      


Some  are too ambiguous to be answered but anyway
1) I do not have to get up early.
3) Julia is not as old/young as Andrew
4) Ben is not as thin/slim/overweight/fat as Tilly 
5)Liz is the smartest of all / in her class
6) Are apples more expensive than oranges?
 7) ??? She is the most popular singer 
8 They launched a campaign after the authorities had clarified/clarified the criteria
They will launch a campaign after the authorities have clarified/clarify the criteria.
P.S. Where did you get such tests ?  :)))) 

22 Dec 2014     


Thx a loooooooot Gi2gi

Can the answer for 2 be:
2.  I have too much money to buy a car.


22 Dec 2014     

Czech Republic

How about  I have enough money to buy a car too. Meaning also.

22 Dec 2014     


Other possibilities
1) It �s too early to go to bed.
2) Cars are not too expensive for me to buy.
3) Julia isn �t as old as Andrew (= She is younger) Andrew isn �t as old as Julia (= She is older)
4) Ben is as .....any adjective......as Tilly
6) Are oranges less expensive than apples?


22 Dec 2014     

United Kingdom

1) I am not going to bed early! Or It �s too early for me to go to bed.
2) I am too poor to buy a car. (Should it be �I haven�t�?)
3) Julia and Andrew aren �t as old as each other.
4) Ben and Tilly are as heavy as each other.
5) Liz is the smartest out of all the students 
6) Are oranges less expensive than apples?
7) She is the most popular singer. 
 Agree with Gi2gi about the last bit.
SPOOKY EXERCISE!!!!!!! But I enjoyed it - not sure if I �m right, though! 

22 Dec 2014