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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > language one dilemma...    

language one dilemma...

Mouna mch

language one dilemma...
Dear teachers,
it seems that i īm using language one (which is Arabic in my case) mora than i should!
whenever i feel that my students are lost or are not following me anymore, i switch to language one...
i admit,  it makes things easier for me...
but i know that it is not ok...
any suggestions to help me avoid using language one in my classroom...
thanks in advance...

22 Jan 2015      

ammoura 23

hello, use pictures, gestures, drawings.....and if you notice that most of them didn īt get it, ask them: what do we call it in Arabic?or what do we say in Arabic?and there must be a pupil who got it and will help you by saying it! :) 
However, using English in teaching English is a must dear! Good luck! 

22 Jan 2015     


I know just what you mean.... It īs hard to talk when they don īt understand, and so easy to switch back. Thanks for the ideas.

22 Jan 2015     


Pictures, illustrations, games really help. Try not to talk a lot, Just the necessary part. Skip the rest. Miming is a trick, too. Give us an example. What was the last thing you had to use L1? New words or grammar?
Greetings from Greece,

22 Jan 2015     


while actions and miming are great, at the very least you should use 90% english in your sentence structures. Talk to them as much as you can in English but use the occasional word in L1. I never do this, and don īt recommend it, but start with this and as the students get more comfortable use less and less L1.
Using L2 for them is a habit, find that once I īve had a class for a few months there is 0 use of L1 in the class, but at the beginning there is quite a lot and I have to work hard to reduce it and get them used to my rules and habits.
Having said that, while I speak the local language well enough, it is not my native language and I know how hard it can be for you. 

23 Jan 2015     

Mouna mch

Thank you all..

23 Jan 2015