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ESL forum > Teaching material > Which is correct?    

Which is correct?


Which is correct?
Which is correct or what �s the difference?
Florist �s or flower shop?
Confectioner �s or Patisserie?

29 Jan 2015      

United Kingdom

Both florist �s and flower shop are used, but I think florist �s is more usual. Confectioner �s and patisserie are terms that are considered a bit posh in the north of England. You would expect really fancy chocolates and beautiful French-style cakes. We have sweet shops and cake shops. Thinking about it, quite often people use the owner �s name of the shop, as in, �I �m getting my lunch from Greggs. �  A lot of shops are similar to Greggs - you can buy both savouries (pies, pasties and sausage rolls), sandwiches and cakes. 

29 Jan 2015     

alien boy

Florist �s or flower shop - both OK


Confectioner - someone who makes sweets�or chocolates. Sweets in this instance�would be�more like candies or lollies than cakes.
Patissier - a maker or seller of cakes and pastries.
Patisserie - a shop where cakes and pastries are sold.�
also note that someone who specialises in making or selling chocolate products is often called a �Chocolatier � these days.�

30 Jan 2015