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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > "Comprised of"    

"Comprised of"

United States

"Comprised of"
What �s your take?

10 Feb 2015      

United States

I have seen comprised of used to mean is made of, composed of, or consists of.

10 Feb 2015     

United Kingdom

Saw this the other day, Douglas. There seems to be two opposing camps around this. One lot sees Henderson as a stalwart defender against the barbarian hordes who want to destroy the English language, while the other lot (myself included) believe the man could be doing something a damn sight more useful - like getting out occasionally. 

One of the most entertaining critiques of this sad obsession comes from one of your compatriots - the magnificent John McIntyre of the Baltimore Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/language-blog/bal-a-senseless-waste-of-human-life-20150204-story.html

10 Feb 2015     


After a moment of confusion, and a quick dictionary check to see if I was using the word properly... I am with the hordes thinking the guy needs to get out more often. Languages change and evolve, sometimes for good and sometimes for not-so-good... by the way, since when has "sick" meant "great, good, awesome"?? 

10 Feb 2015