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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Snowball activity     

Snowball activity


Snowball activity
Hi, friends : Today I ´ve learnt about " the snowball activity " , some of you may already know about it , in any case   I ´d like to share it with you all  cause I really loved the idea . The snowball activity is used for checking students ´ prior knowledge  when starting a new topic . Though it´s  focused on adults  teaching and learning  , I think it can be adapted to different ages . This is how it works : 
1- Get students to write down as soon as the session starts  a question or a comment that they might have about the topic 
2- Get them to scrunch that bit of paper up into the shape of a snowball
3-On the count of three, they have to throw their snowballs at the teacher
4-Once they ´ve fallen to the ground , students come out and pick up a snowball . The good thing about that is it´s anonymous . They don´t know whose snowball they ´ve picked up
5-Get them to read it out . it gives the teacher a good idea what their prior knowledge is about the topic and also more importantly, what they are hoping to get from the session  
Hope you like it and find it useful . Just wishing to put it into practice ! 

17 Feb 2015      


Thank you for sharing this idea. It ´s actually the first I hear about it myself.

17 Feb 2015     

Şenay Gürsoy

thank you for sharing. this is the first time I have heard about a game like this. I will use it tomorrow :)

17 Feb 2015     

class centre

I must be very stupid - but -what do they have to write down?

17 Feb 2015     


sounds very nice intensive as a starter,thank you sharing wiht us

18 Feb 2015     


thanks for sharing 

19 Mar 2015