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ESL forum > Teaching material > DELTA PRE TASK QUESTION    




Below is a piece of writing done by an upper intermediate student and the question that the student was asked to answer. Choose at least five criteria that you could use to evaluate the piece of writing eg grammatical accuracy. Then identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the text referring to the assessment criteria that you have chosen. You should write between 150 and 200 words.



You have had a class discussion on the media. Now you have to write a composition, giving your opinion on the following statement:


Newspapers used to carry real news but their main role today is to shock and entertain us.


Write your composition in between 150 and 180 words.





I think it depends which newspapers you read. Some of them still report the news. Others don’t do it much. I think it’s important for any newspaper to report what had happened, but people like to read other things too. I think it’s good to expose scandal occasionally. Famous people are in the public eye and they cannot turn a blind eye to this.


I don’t think it’s their main role, though. Their main role is to inform and this means writting reports on current news and events. I think television can do this too, but with a newspaper it’s not the same. You have time to read and think about it. That’s what I think.






22 Feb 2015      



I might not get it right, but....are you asking us to do your job ??? ( I guess it �s the reason why people voted spam - which I didn �t...)

As far as I am concerned, I decide about the criteria BEFORE making a test....and my students know them BEFOREHAND. ie = One has to know how we �ll be evaluated , don �t we ?

22 Feb 2015     


Clap Valodra, I totally agree with you.

22 Feb 2015     


I think he �s studying this course (Delta) and is asking for help on a question he has to answer. I took a similar course to get a certificate as an English Teacher, and this is the type of question I was asked in the final test. He’s not asking to evaluate an actual student of his. @houssine2012 maybe you should be clearer on what you’re asking so this confusion doesn’t happen.

23 Feb 2015     

Czech Republic

Hmmm, even if you were right, AL3NA, this is site for teachers, not for students who need to do their homework. ;-)

23 Feb 2015     


@MJ Misa: DELTA is an exam for teachers.
@ houssine2012 : seriously? what �s your point?

23 Feb 2015     

Czech Republic

I know. But even if he/she is studying DELTA course, I cannot see the point of the question. 

23 Feb 2015     

Alejandra Rico

I have seen this kind of exercise when I was studying English Studies at university. It was an actual exercise for us students to "correct" the text and to justify our corrections (originality, accuracy, spelling, use of literary figures, etc...). So, if houssine2012 is asking if this is a good exercise for an exam, my answer is yes, it is.

23 Feb 2015